Ideal eyelash extention to draw out the eye's charm at a maximum

All the staff of Eyelash Salon Blanc have the national license of beautician as well as approved by the health-care center.

Persistence of Eyelash Salon Blanc
High Technology

~High Technology~

All staff have followed a thorough training course. Only eyelash designers who have passed a rigorous examination and have high technical power offer services.



Carefully hearing the customer's wishes, complexes, etc. before practitioning, we offer elaborate support up to after-care and eyelash health management.

Peace of Mind/Safety

~Peace of Mind/Safety~

All shops, specializing in eyelash extention, have cleared the rigorous examination and have been authorized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The salons are registered in BST Hygiene Control, so you can visit them with peace of mind.

Cosmetic Moi

Eyelash School

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